Books Abound

This last week has been a feast for my bibliophile self! Thursday found the boys and I setting up the library book sale and, of course, preshopping. I’m on my own for the return for clean-up this afternoon, and I’m looking forward to some end-of-sale shopping prior to my shift. I’m surprised there’s anything left by the end of the sale, but there are still goodies to be found, all discounted greatly.

As a family, we took a record four trips in six days to the same library, returning what we finished and picking up holds, always with “just a peek” for “one or two things.” Our peak volume out was 70 titles, although we’re down after another round of returns. My older son spends a good amount of time requesting whatever his current obsession is — Bone comics and Peanuts cartoon books are current favorites. They don’t take long to read, and I suspect he spends more time requesting those stacks of book than reading some of the volumes. I wonder where he acquired the habit of requesting-as-hobby? Hmm.

To top it off, my first order as a Scholastic Book Club homeschooling teacher arrived this week. As a child, I loved those newsprint mini catalogues, and that adoration hasn’t abated. I’m glad to have homeschooling friends with whom to share this resource, and it does make for more books that pass my eyes.

All this makes for a fairly precarious situation on my bedside table and a bookcase in every room.


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