Jeans Fit

The hole broke through a few days back, my right knee poking though one of the last pair of intact jeans in my closet. No surprise, given their age and the floor time they see from me, but disappointing. They weren’t favorites (that pair is threadbare but intact), they weren’t fancy (Lands’ End basics from a few years back), but they were without holes, and they fit. I’ve been a few years hoping jeans that fit would magically appear in my closet, but no luck. My mail-order solution of ordering a new pair each year broke down when Lands’ End changed their styles to ones that must fit the rest of women in the Northern Hemisphere but don’t fit me.

I’m not a shopping fan. There was a point in my life when I sought opportunities to get to the mall, but no longer. A dear friend agreed to accompany me on this quest, a shopping task I ranked lower only than shopping for bathing suits and bras. After trips to Eddie Bauer (too long and wide), Ann Klein (how low can jeans go?), and The Limited (lower, I guess!), we ended up at GapKids. On the boys’ side.

It’s time to admit that I’m shaped like my father, straight up and down, no hips. No problems birthing babies, but no hips to hold up those low pants that fill the racks these days. I’m not looking for sympathy, but it’s been a frustrating few years in the pants department for the straight-yet-female set, thus why my need for jeans has grown so acute and my desire to shop is lower than usual. The girls’ department works to some degree, but I’m not the embroidered-flower-around-the-ankle-type, so the choices are limited. The clerks were helpful with sizing but somewhat bemused. I, however, was relieved to have found Jeans That Fit, my holy grail. I left with just one pair, carpenter jeans with rather cute front pockets, no holes, and a great fit. I am slightly curious whether I’ll see my son’s friends in identical pants(and rather certain they won’t notice), and fully delighted to have found jeans that fit this hipless chick.

One thought on “Jeans Fit

  1. LOL, Sarah! I share your negative feelings about shopping. And jeans that fit are important! Thus your quest. I refuse to agree, however, that you must wear boy jeans. Have you tried the JJill store at Twelve Oaks? You’d probably be a size zero if they have it, or a one. Last spring I found one of my favorite pairs of jeans ever there. They do have a hole in them now. It’s right at the end of one leg, where it’s just a bit too long and folds up. But they (almost) fit! –Chris

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