What We Learned Today

Here’s a sampling of what the boys and I learned today.  Feel free to guess who learned what.

Complement means “that which completes something”.  Compliment is something nice we say to another.
The subject complement takes a noun, adjective, or subjective pronoun.
In Spanish, there are eight articles, as opposed to the three in English.
Complementary angles are two angles which add up to 90 degrees.
Supplementary angles are two angles that add up to 180 degrees.
Tofind the area of a rectangle, multiply the length time the width.
To find the perimeter of a polygon, add up all the sides.
Aedifico (Latin) means “to build”.
In “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes,” Sadako contracts leukemia after exposure to radiation from an atomic bomb.
Plant cells have chloroplasts.  Animal cells don’t.
How to play measure 73 through 76 in “Hopak” by Modest Mussorgsky on the piano.
It’s hard to read the Encylopedia Britannica.
The pretzel with the bong (bo staff in Korean martial arts) is tricky and takes flexibility. 
How to spell “blew”.
How to beat mom at “Settlers of Catan.”
Trimming rear claws on kittens is harder than cutting front claws.
The letters “s” and “b” in cursive aren’t really that hard.
Acorn squash makes great yeasted bread.
Kittens can  be a bit gassy.
Yellow Tail Shiraz is still okay after a week in the fridge.
Encouraging a friend is uplifting.
Refusing to unlock the house until the garbage is taken out is an effective method of delegating chores.
We can get ready for Tang Soo Do in 5 minutes.

We’re really all learning all the time.  Nice to know, huh?


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