Four and One: One More Trip Around the Sun

Robot Arm over Earth with Sunburst (courtesy of NASA)


I’m turning 41 today.  A year ago, I embraced a new decade amid a torrent of change.  I’d like to say this birthday finds me in a quieter phase of life, but, alas, life continues to throw new challenges my way.  Such is the way of the universe. 

In the past I’ve entered my fifth year of homeschooling without eating my young, signed divorce papers, weathered all the major holidays as a single woman, stepped down from most of my La Leche League leader responsibilities, started a second blog (, submitted writing for publication (the wait continues), entered a new relationship, and cleaned my shower a few times.  No wonder I’m tired. 

Despite karate, yoga, and a generally fidgety body, I’m feeling the bodily wear of those 41 trips around the sun.   That’s roughly 23,700,000,000 miles  (23 billion, 700 million miles) covered at 67,000 mile per hour.  Gravity’s doing its work as well, pulling downward on areas that used to be more, well, up.  Ah well.  Perhaps as a result, I’m becoming more grounded.  Either way, I need a second cup of coffee. 

Enough sniveling.  This 41st trip around the sun finds me healthy, happy, and whole.  I’m focusing more energy into my writing, blogging and otherwise.  The writing life calls clearly and insistently, and while I’m still without a scheduled time at my laptop each day, I’ve created a work space with a door. Okay, so it’s a 1.5 ft by 5 ft doorless closet in my bedroom, which does have a door.  With a lock.  I call it an office.  My boys laugh.  It’s a start.  I’m awaiting my first acceptance or rejection, figuring either launches my start as a writer-with-the-possibility-of-an-occasional-check.  I’m nothing short of thrilled. 

Karate continues, and as the boys and I get closer to black belt testing in a year or so, I continue to relish in the strength and balance I never experienced as a child or younger adult.  A recent foray into yoga offers some flexibility as well as a chance to merge my spiritual and physical endeavors.  Gravity may pull, but I’m pulling back.  Both practices simply feel good. 

I continue to enjoy the love that flows with good friends.  So many fine people have held me when I cried and listened to my rants over this past year as I’ve made the final transition from married to single and nurtured my children through changes in their life at both places they now call home.  These same people share my joy as I head down the road of a new relationship.  I can’t find a word that suits an adult dating situation, boyfriend feeling juvenile, partner seeming premature, and significant other just sounding dumb.  For here, I’ll settle for One Good Friend, but that hardly does the relationship justice.  

So here’s to a 42nd trip around the sun.  May it be full of peace, love, and compassion.  It will certainly be full of change.  After all, that’s the way of the universe.

2 thoughts on “Four and One: One More Trip Around the Sun

  1. I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t sound trite. Maybe I need that second cup of coffee too. 🙂 I’m glad to have such an awesome person in my life, happy 42nd trip around the sun Sarah!

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