What’s Been Written

Here’s a bit of organization applied to four years of blogging at Finding My Ground.

Unitarian Universalism: These posts have an obvious UU bent.  Although much of my writing reflects my belief system, these are more specifically UU.  There’s plenty about Interfaith work here as well.

Spirituality and Religious Musings: These posts recount my search for spiritual meaning.
Aspergers: My younger son was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was nine. For more about how Asperger’s looks in our house, see Quarks and Quirks, my homeschooling blog, and my now-closed Asperger’s at Home blog.
Divorce:  Yeah, I’ve had one of those.
Vice and Virtue Sermon Series: This seven part series explores the seven vices and their accompanying virtues through a Unitarian Universalist lens.  Audio for each sermon is linked in the post, for those wanting to hear more.

2 thoughts on “What’s Been Written

    • Thanks! I’m working on a book — a compilation of essays — and your warm words will encourage that effort. Now if only my own copy of UUWorld would arrive…


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